Community Participation

Community Participation (also known as CP or Community Access) is an NDIS support that helps you become more active in the community. There are lots of activities this program can fund so long as they are useful and help you towards achieving your goals.

The great thing about our CP programs at WISH is they give you the freedom you need to structure personalised programs how you want, that suit your own specific goals and needs.

Here is some inspiration for what we can help make possible:

  • Leisurely visits to parks and cinemas
  • Scoring a strike at bowling
  • Visiting farms to see and pet animals
  • Dressing fancy for dinners and special events
  • Getting your feet wet on beach walks, sailing and fishing excursions
  • Rocking out at a concert with your support worker
  • Taking up tango dance classes
  • Embracing your inner artist with painting or pottery classes
  • Enjoying learning life skills, including cooking, shopping and budgeting
  • Weekend activities, including day trips, theatre shows, harbour cruises
  • Enjoying a feast with friends at a BBQ or picnic

If you have ideas about activities you would like to try, we’re always open to starting new groups and connecting with community members to make it happen. Remember, we work with you to make your wish a reality!

Need help with your eligibility? Great news! WISH is a Registered NDIS Service Provider and we are happy to help you navigate the eligibility process, understand the NDIS, and find the support that best suits your needs.

Already have an NDIS plan? No problem! WISH support services can work around your pre-existing plan so you still receive the best care specific to your needs.

Compatibility matters! WISH has a very thorough compatibility assessment. We want all of our participants to feel safe and comfortable to learn at their own pace within our group environments!

Speak with us today and together we can brainstorm and organise activities and adventures for you to help achieve your goals!

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