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Short-Term Accommodation

Short-Term Stays with Complete Care and Support

Welcome to a world of care and possibilities with our Short-Term Accommodation (STA) homes. Designed to empower individuals with disabilities, STA offers a nurturing environment where personal growth, skill development, and independence flourish.

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Your Haven of Comfort and Care

What is Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

STA is a temporary care service funded by the NDIS, offering a safe and comfortable stay for individuals with disabilities. It provides a nurturing environment where participants can enjoy personal care, engage in meaningful activities, and socialise with others, while also giving caregivers a break.

At Wish Health, our STA services include 24/7 support, comfortable accommodations, nutritious meals, and activities designed to enhance your loved one’s skills and well-being. Whether you need planned respite, emergency care, or caregiver relief, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and enriching experience.

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Get a glimpse into the lives we touch and the smiles we bring. Our commitment to empowering individuals shines through in every interaction, every activity, and every success story.

Discover Our STA Homes

Our STA homes are thoughtfully designed to provide a safe, accessible, and comfortable environment for all participants.

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Comprehensive NDIS Support

Exceptional Care and Amenities In Our STA Homes

24/7 Assisted Living Support

Safe, Clean, & Furnished Accommodations

Personal care

Fun, Engaging Activities

Opportunities for Socialising

All Day Nutritious, Tasty Meals

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A Home Away from Home

Our STA homes are thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for participants during their respite stay. Each home is carefully crafted to promote well-being, independence, and social connection, ensuring that participants feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

Flexible Respite Options

We offer short-term stays, regular ongoing respite, emergency respite, and caregiver respite. Our STA homes provide the care and support participants need, allowing caregivers to take a well-deserved break.

Purposeful Design for Independence

Our STA homes are designed with accessibility and independence in mind, featuring thoughtful layouts, adaptive equipment, and assistive technology to empower participants.

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We Help You Navigate the NDIS With Ease

We understand that accessing Short-Term Accommodation (STA) through the NDIS can be overwhelming. That’s why our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. We offer:

  • Assistance with determining participant’s eligibility for STA support
  • Guidance on navigating the NDIS and accessing the right support
  • Seamless integration of our services with the participant’s existing NDIS plan
  • Thorough compatibility assessments of participant so that they thrive at their own pace.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can benefit from Short-Term Accommodation?

STA is ideal for individuals with disabilities who need a temporary break from their usual environment. It benefits both participants needing respite and caregivers seeking support.

Who is eligible for Short-Term Accommodation?

Eligibility for STA typically includes individuals with disabilities who require temporary but comprehensive support. Assessment and NDIS plan approvals determine eligibility.

What does Short-Term Accommodation include?

STA includes a variety of supports such as personal care, recreational activities, and opportunities for social engagement in a safe and nurturing environment.

Can STA services be tailored to individual needs?

Yes, our STA services are fully customizable to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

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