The Inspiring Story Behind Wish Health & Disability Services

The Inspiring Story Behind Wish Health & Disability Services

Wish Health & Disability Services was born from a simple yet powerful idea – that everyone deserves access to high-quality care and the opportunity to live life to the fullest. The story of our founder Alex is one of passion, purpose, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Alex’s journey began well before the NDIS legislation passed in 2013. He was already deeply involved with Physically Challenged Action Foundation – Offinso (PCAF), a nonprofit dedicated to helping African children with disabilities access basic necessities like food, clothing and education. Driven by an innate desire to uplift others, Alex found his true calling in supporting those most in need.

When the NDIS commenced, Alex brought this wealth of experience and empathy to his work at several large disability services companies. It was here that he noticed a troubling gap – many clients were missing out on fundamental aspects of self-care and wellbeing, like getting a simple haircut. For people with disabilities, this basic grooming service that many take for granted can be incredibly stressful.

Alex had a natural gift for putting clients at ease, and his haircutting skills impressed all who sat in his chair. Seeing the immense joy and confidence a fresh haircut brought to people’s lives, especially those isolated during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, sparked an idea. Alex went back to school to become a certified hairdresser and launched a mobile hairdressing service called Unity Cuts™.

As he travelled to homes, group facilities and aged care centres offering haircuts to those who had difficulty leaving the house, Alex saw the profound impact that personalised, compassionate care could have. Soon, clients and families began asking what other services he could provide. And so, Wish Health & Disability Services was born.

From the very beginning, Alex has been determined to make Wish different. Recognising that individuals can sometimes get lost in the shuffle at larger organisations, he designed a model where every single client has a dedicated core care team attending to their unique needs. This client-centric approach ensures the highest level of support to help people learn, grow and thrive.

“Myself and my team are all working with the highest level of passion and integrity to connect with each of our clients and pinpoint their needs, help them map out goals and strive every day to achieve them,” Alex shares. Staying true to his original vision, Alex has instilled a culture of honesty, transparency and an unwavering moral commitment to client wellbeing.

It’s the visible positive changes in people’s lives that motivate the entire Wish team to come to work each day. “Knowing that we’re making changes, changes that we can actually see in our clients, is everything to us. And when our clients’ families see them too, it gives them reassurance and peace of mind. That always fills us with immense pride and gratitude,” Alex reflects.

Ultimately, Wish Health & Disability Services is a manifestation of Alex’s lifelong dedication to empowering others and giving back. In his own words: “I believe giving back is so important because it makes you feel grateful for the life you have. I’ve always felt my purpose in this life has been to give back and spread positive change. And that’s what we at Wish will always endeavour to do.”

Through one man’s wish, an entire organisation was born to make a transformative difference, one person at a time. This is the story of Wish, where passion meets purpose in service of helping every individual live their best life possible.

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